Dr. Miles’ Connections 

Dr. Miles was a member of the student ADA throughout dental school from 1988-1992 and she has been a member of the ADA since 1999. From this page, you can reach content for dental professionals, consumers, and the media. The ADA has always been committed to the patient and wants to provide the highest-quality dentistry for everyone.

The North Carolina Dental Society is an unincorporated association founded in 1856, whose primary objectives are, as stated in the constitution, "... to encourage the improvement of the oral health of the public, to promote the art of science of dentistry and encourage the maintenance of high standards of professional competence and practice, and to represent the interests of the members of the dental profession and the public which it serves." The North Carolina Dental Society is proud that over 85% of the dentists in the State of North Carolina are members.

Dr. Miles has been utilizing advanced computerized technology in her office since March of 2005. Being able to do your crowns in one visit is convenient and less time consuming. Learn more about single-visit inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns by visiting The Academy of Computerized Dentistry website. You can find Dr. Miles in the members' section.

Dr. Miles has been on the NHCBOH since January 2003. She served as the chairperson in 2005. The New Hanover County Health Department has established the mobile dental unit during her tenure on the board for both New Hanover and Brunswick Counties. This unit has served at over 5 elementary and middle schools and has provided our area with these much-needed services. 
They are active in our community to promote health and to ensure a safe and healthy community. In 2008, the Public Health Foundation had been established for our community, and she serves on that board also. Already the PHF has been able to provide grants to many health programs in our community. To find out all you want to know about the Health Department, go to

More Connections 

Lower Cape Fear Hospice has been important in Dr. Miles’ life, having lost a brother to cancer in 2003. They are involved with our community in many ways and their caring staff has helped many families in our area to get through possibly the most difficult times of their lives.
Wilmington Tri-County Dental Society

Dr. Miles has been a member of the Wilmington Tri-County Dental Society since she began her practice in 1992. The tight-knit group of professionals in our community help to provide better care for our area. The group meets for business and continuing education September through May of each year. Dr. Miles has been on the board since 2007. She is currently acting as President. 

Tired of not being able to see a doctor? Dr. Dixon has been here providing primary care for 8 years! Each visit starts with the same provider, no passing around the patient. They are interested in getting to know each patient. Conveniently located at 7th and Market, he will be happy to help you with your health needs. 

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